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Individual Room Rentals

Room 1 at WSI

Pleasantly appointed therapy rooms can be rented at Washington Square Institute on a per session basis. Daytime and evening openings are available.

WSI is located on the fourth floor of a recently renovated building at 41 East 11th Street, (between Broadway and University Place), just a few blocks from both Union Square and NYU.

This is an ideal location for therapy offices, conveniently located, between both East and West side subways and buses.

Room 2 at WSI

Room sizes range from 8 x 5 ft. 11 ins. for smaller furnished or unfurnished rooms, and larger rooms 11 ft. 6 ins. x 14 ft. and 11 ft. 6 ins. x 20 ft. with bright light and large windows in some of the rooms.

There are also larger spaces which are reasonably priced and available for groups, classes, workshops, seminars and conferences. Our receptionist covers the front desk from 8:30 AM through 10:00 PM. WSI’s waiting room is clean and very attractive. The ambiance is warm and welcoming with tea and coffee awaiting visitors.

Room 4 at WSI
Room 3 at WSI

Room 4 at WSI

At this time, we only have room rentals available on Friday mornings, afternoons, and evenings. For further information, please contact:

Ms. Maxine Exum, Administrator
Washington Square Institute
41 E 11th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Call Ms. Maxine Exum at (212) 477-2600 or
E-mail : admin@wsi.org email

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