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The Family Law and Family Forensics Training Program at WSI

In some very important ways, Family Law is set apart from other areas of legal practice. First, it looks to the past, the present, and the future. The judge, the attorneys representing the parents, the attorney for the child, and the mental health forensic expert must possess a sophisticated skill set which includes both law and the social sciences / psychology in order to assess and respond to the legal and psychological needs of the separating / divorcing family now and in the future. Judicial decisions are made optimally in the bests interests of children and their families for many years to come. Secondly, it is often hard to separate out the legal issues from the psychological in Family Law. The courtroom becomes the stage for reenactment of the family drama, and all courtroom professionals require the tools to understand the disruption, loss, irrationality, hurt, hatred and revenge often associated with the breakup of the family.

The Family Law and Family Forensics Training Program at WSI offers interdisciplinary training in which lawyers, attorneys for children, judges and mental health professionals refine knowledge of their own discipline in relation to Family Law and also are introduced to the valuable perspectives of the other professionals involved in family law cases.

We believe that professionals trained within this interdisciplinary model will be in a better position to effect a shift from adversarial to collaborative, keeping the focus on the important tasks at hand, which are to help distressed families and to focus on the best interests of children. In keeping with this mission, we offer interdisciplinary seminars, training modules, and conferences.


May 11, 2018, 8:30AM - 5:00PM

Conference: The Good Enough Family Forensic Evaluation
Presenters: Melissa Bonaldes, Esq.; Steven Demby, PhD; Linda Gunsberg, PhD; Ellen Holtzman, Esq.; Marc Mednick, PhD; Hon. Sondra Miller (Ret); Mark Rand, PhD; William Salton, PhD; Kelly Sykes, PhD; Peter Wolf, PhD

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Linda Gunsberg, Ph.D., Chair
Family Law and Family Forensics Training Program at WSI

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(Applications to become a Provider of CE units for Social Work and CLE for attorneys are presently pending)

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