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Admission Requirements

Requirement & Procedures

The Institute recognizes that the university-level academic training of those who become psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic psychotherapists is usually in the traditional mental health professions, but special consideration will be given to those who wish to pursue a career change. Applicants must have a master’s degree granted by an institution that is duly registered by the Education Department.

Although one may apply for admission throughout the year, early application and registration is strongly encouraged by August 15th for enrollment in the Fall term, and by December 15st for Spring term.

There is an initial fee of $50.00 for the admissions application and interview. Official transcripts from institutions of higher education should be forwarded to the Registrar. Credit for courses taken at another institute covering the same subject may be requested from the Dean’s Office as long as they are accompanied by course outlines, bibliographies and transcripts. All requests for crediting prior courses need to be submitted at the time of application. Applicants will be called for a personal interview. In those instances in which the personality and ⁄ or philosophy of the applicant do not seem concordant with the aims of the training program, Washington Square Institute reserves the right to reject the applicant.

Admission – Basic Level

Acceptance for admission to WSI allows prospective candidates to take basic level courses only. The basic level courses enable applicants from diverse backgrounds to explore the suitability for them of the psychoanalytic profession in accord with their individual strengths and goals.

Admission – Matriculation Level

Usually during the second semester of the first year, applications are made to be considered for Matriculation (i.e., readiness to begin seeing patients) to either the Matriculation Chair or Registrar. Matriculation applicants will then be interviewed. This process takes place before students are permitted to start their clinical practicum. The student must also begin their personal analysis at this time.

Approval depends not only on experience and personal development, but on assessment of a relatively indefinable potential of therapeutic capability and character. The candidate’s behavior and commitment to psychoanalytic training is also considered. Matriculated students are bound by the regulations specified in the Student Handbook and the Center’s Administrative Manual. Once matriculated, candidates are invited to schedule interviews each year to discuss their progress.

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