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A New York State Licensure-Qualifying Psychoanalytic Training Program:

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Adapting Analysis to Today’s Patient

Coursework is organized according to the historic unfolding of psychoanalytic thought, beginning with the work of Freud and his colleagues, through the contemporary thinking on object relations, subjectivity and theories of the self. Our philosophy is a commitment to flexibility and to ongoing reassessment of psychoanalysis within the context of new knowledge and development in the field. This type of organization of training allows the student to understand present-day psychoanalysis while preserving the continuity between the original psychoanalytic concepts and contemporary thought. The use of case material and an extensive clinical practicum enable each student to develop a technique firmly rooted in theoretical understanding.

Candidates conduct psychoanalysis and psychoanalytically-informed psychotherapy under supervision with patients from the Treatment Center. Today’s patients suffer primarily from characterological and developmental problems and modification in technique is required in order to meet specific needs. This makes it essential that a clinician has far more than a basic grasp of the therapeutic process. Appropriate technical variation requires theoretical sophistication and technical skills that are highly developed. Therefore, at Washington Square Institute the emphasis throughout is on integration of theory and practice.

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