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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training - Training Costs

Tuition and Fees

Registration fee 1st Year Students: $100 per year paid at Fall Registration

Registration fee Matriculated Students: $200 per year paid at Fall Registration

12 hour course: $175

22.5 hour course: $350

45 hour course: $650

Monthly Scientific Meeting: $75 per year paid in Fall

Case Presentation: $350


Weekly Individual Supervision: No charge

Control Supervision: $60 per session

Training Analysis

Cost to be determined with analyst. Average of $100 per session.


Students requiring transcripts must make their request in writing to the Registrar and
enclose a handling fee of $25.00

Anice Jeffries, Registrar
Washington Square Institute
41 E. 11th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003

Fax: (212) 477-2040
E-mail: registrar@wsi.orgemail

Any questions please call Anice Jeffries, Registrar at (212) 477-2600

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